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Our Values and Standards 

Oryx was founded on the twin values of integrity and ethical business practices, and we operate within a culture of corporate honesty and transparency backed by a commitment to exemplary service.

In all that we do, we aim to:

  • Cultivate open, honest and transparent communications within our own organisation, as well as with our clients and partners.
  • Provide equal opportunities in selecting, hiring and developing all those who become Oryx team members.
  • Empower all our employees and encourage them to develop their skills and advance their careers with us.
  • Sustain a working culture that respects health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Promote a respect for other cultures and the dignity of their people.
  • Create an organizational environment underpinned by ethics, fairness and reliability.
  • Provide a proactive, professional response that exceeds expectations

Our values and standards have been developed with the aim of fostering a corporate culture  that ensures we not only provide a world class service to all our partners and clients, but also that the relationships we develop with our partners and clients will endure due to the highest standards of trust, transparency and integrity.

At Oryx we believe that these core values and standards should be at the heart of all business organizations and at the heart of all enduring business relationships.

All Oryx principals, managers, staff and partners are committed to work to the Oryx values and standards  to provide a constantly reliable service at the highest levels of technical and professional performance and to do so with energy, enthusiasm and uncompromising ethical standards.

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